Operations Management


Supportive living and care operations need a culture of cohesion, cooperation, and the passion to be of service.  Your facility needs to be a happy place to live, and to work in – despite the complexities that go on behind the scenes.  We thrive in these environments, where our passion is to see this ideal realized for the mutual benefit of owners, investors, staff, families, and most importantly, the residents.  To deliver this ultimate cultural context Seniorhome works collaboratively with corporate and site teams to supervise and manage:

  • Hospitality services coordination
  • Rental and sales administration
  • Marketing and Service team leadership
  • Resident and family relations
  • Protocols and procedures documentation
  • Change management
  • Accreditation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Labour relations
  • Corporate leadership
  • Risk and asset management
  • Strata governance and management

Marketing and PR

The information age is no longer the latest new trend.  It’s the state of our world.  Traditional print media channels have diminished importance in getting your brand and messaging out to your clientele.  And an increasingly sophisticated clientele are well informed about their options for housing and services.  Your facility and company need recognition and reputation among all 3 generations of families, and across the web of your local sites’ community networks.  This requires careful deployment of your resources and direction of your forces, and we’re good at that.  We’d like to bring our energy, strategic thinking, and team leadership to help your teams with:

  • Branding, positioning, promotion strategy
  • Sales team leadership
  • Media planning
  • Community integration
  • Government and public relations
  • Prospect and family relations
  • Transaction planning from intro tour to closing


Capital markets go through cycles and a range of options need to be understood and considered when it’s time for your development and construction funding, or long term take-out or refinancing.  We are experienced with private and public securities and equity funding arrangements, and with institutional sources of project and corporate financing.  Transaction and capital structures will vary and we handle preliminary documentation before the closing stage starts to incur highly specialized and highly priced legal costs.  Let us help you with:

  • Equity and project financing
  • Refinancing arrangements
  • Corporate financing and securities
  • Investor relations


In-house Legal

Everyone to some extent likes to complain about lawyers and their fees, but we have a more progressive attitude to offer.  A good lawyer just needs to be told the deal, and properly instructed, to get directly to the final stage of your agreements and documents.  We listen to and speak their language and understand their motivations and perspective.  And we will understand your deal and the unique business it occurs in, of serving the frail elderly.  We can save you money and have you love your lawyers, and they you.  Let us give you in-house:

  • Compliance under applicable legislation and regulatory systems
  • Documentation control for development and management agreements, operational protocols, resident and family relations, leasing and sale agreements
  • Disclosure, rental, and sale agreements
  • Corporate, partnership, and JV documentation
  • Coordination of outside counsel
  • Conflict and dispute resolution
  • Strata governance in condominium titled sites
  • Contract negotiations with health and housing authorities
  • HR coordination
  • Corporate information officer
  • Property tax appeals
  • And where outside counsel is needed, let us assist with informing and instructing them.