Market Feasibility

If you build it, will they come?

You HAVE to be able to answer this question.

When considering the development of a new project, it is essential to ensure that there is a market for your end product.

Seniorhome evaluates regional markets, specific sites, and market strategies to identify the best opportunities for our clients’ development and operational efforts. Before you take on substantial investment and risk, let Seniorhome’s market feasibility analysis give you a precise assessment of the depth of your local market, and of your clients’ ability to pay for various price-points in services and housing. Our customized demographic database considers both population and income statistics to determine project feasibility, based on cost and affordability in a given market.

Shouldn’t you have the answers to some vital questions, including:

– What is the current demand in the immediate and surrounding area?
– What will the demand look like in the future?
– What level of care do these seniors require: Supported Independent Living, Assisted Living, Complex Care, or an integrated combination?
– What services and amenities do your clients want and need?
– Who is your competition?
– What is the optimal size of your project?
– Will the site and area support the type of development you envision?

We are able to assess and report to you and your lenders on the true depth of the market for your retirement housing or care facility project.