Carey Theological College

Carey Theological 4

Carey Theological College, University of BC, Vancouver (2005 to present):

Seniorhome provides real estate development, financial, and in-house legal guidance to a theological college that occupies long term lease-hold land within the campus of a university, operating under 4 levels of government.  Our functions include:

  • Planning the subdivision and redevelopment of 3 parcels of Institutionally zoned lease-hold land;
  • Redevelopment of Lot 40 into a 47,000 gross square foot building combining educational, administration, and residential uses;
  • Solicitation of purchase proposals for Lot 41 and coordination of sale to private developer to raise equity financing for non-profit developments;
  • Three types of residential unit and tenure, including student dormitories, staff apartments, and short-term hotel style rental units;
  • Arranging debt financing and coordinating the proceeds of fundraising and major donations as equity components;
  • Operational and development financial projections;
  • Staffing structures and contracted services for hospitality program;
  • Liaison with Campus and Community Planning and Legal departments for leasing and land use approvals;
  • Liaising with management and Board for planning of future Lot 42 development and operations; and
  • Development Manager and Owner’s Rep in redevelopment partnership.