Avalon Gardens

Avalon FLOWERS 098

Avalon Gardens at Murrayville, Langley, BC (2009 to present)

Seniorhome has provided a broad range of executive and management leadership to this mixed use, 133 unit strata titled Supported Independent Living site.  Our mandate has included:

  • Vetting and/or re-writing Disclosure Statement, restrictive covenants and management agreements, sales and leasing contract forms, internal partnership agreements, and operational protocols, forms, and administrative tools;
  • Arranging several refinancings;
  • Retaining and supervising third party managers for Hospitality, Rental, and Marketing management;
  • Structuring and coordinating an investor group and rental pool for long term rental investment, and administering Investor Relations and securities law compliance;
  • Coordinating and Chairing Property Management and Strata Council;
  • Mentoring site Manager and assisting with HR and staffing structure and management;
  • Resident and family relations;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Municipal and community relations;
  • Marketing program design, budgeting, and supervision.